Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL. Fishing was a little slower for some of our customers but not bad for others. When we went out last night to check it out we caught 14 walleyes and one bass in a few hours. I guess it was not that bad after all. While we were out there we watched all the other boats that were fishing and half of them kept moving every 10 to 15 minutes. With walleyes this is not the best of technique. Pike Pike Pike !!! This week we had our famous pike catcher couple in camp Pete and Elaine. Every year when they are here for their 3 weeks stay they manage to catch many big pike always including a good number of them over the 40 inches bar. This week so far they got a few nice one and two huges one over the 40 inches that they released at the boat. They always release their big pike so they and other can catch them over and over. The only difference this time was that Elaine decided to release one of them a little faster then usual. The netting technique was a little off that time. Pete and Elaine were also nice enough to show one of our new customer their technique for catching big pike. The guy that they showed those trick to caught two very nice pike, Joe caught one pike at 39 inches and one 40 inches on his week . We also have had a customer this week that went and fished some of the remote lake for pike that are going to be available for everybody starting next year. These new lakes will be offered with a canoe that you will be able to bring and use on many different remote lake.

Bass wise many big bass were caught on the main lake but also on one of the remote lake. Our remote bass lake is always very popular and always pruduces very good. Two of our cabin were fishing for lake trout this week and did very good on numbers but not so good on size only a few were big enough to keep.

 This week was also  squirel invasion week at TBL. These nice little animal are very pretty and funny to watch but a real big problem for our equipment and lodging. When people feed them they get used to it and always come back. They chew through the screen through vinyl through wood or anything to get in and find food. They have made a mess of a few of our cabin this week and we had to get rid of them. That is one of the reason nobody should feed any wild animal.