Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of water in a couple of different stoms. The one dumped so much water on us in no time that some of our boats were really close from sinking. Talking about boat sinking one of our party this week tried to see what would happen if they drove their boat on shore. Well if you want to know so you dont have to try it yourself, here is what hapen if you do that. First the boat goes up, then it tips a little, then it goes back down and sinks. Not a good way to start fishing. And all of this happened right at the dock in front one of our cabin.

Fishing was good for a lot of our regular customers with many walleyes caught. Every week we’re seeing signs that walleye fishing on lake Kipawa is getting better and better. Many very big walleyes were caught showing once again that the slot is really working. The numbers of walleyes and size keep on getting more important. Some of our new customers did good also but some had a hard time learning how to fish for our walleyes. Record fish were caught by Terry P. , Gilles R. Denis G. Pete T. Everybody we talk to is saying that the regulation on this lake are the best thing to keep our lake one of the best in Québec for walleyes fishing.

We had one guest and is grandson this week that did real good on our remote bass lake. The grand son had to stop fishing for a while because he had caught and released so many bass that his fingers were hurting bad. I think that was a first for him. Many of our customers catch tons of bass on the main lake but it is always a little different being alone on the remote lake catching that many fish.

Many customers were happy that we could finaly make campfires and spent some time sitting outside and enjoying the nice evenings we had this week. Hopefully there will be no fire ban for the rest of the summer. But with the rain we got this week I am confident that it will be ok for a long time. August as already started and fishing hasn’t slow down yet. This season as been one great fishing season for sure. If this keeps up it will be one of the best fishing season we ever had in the last 30 years.

Hope to have you with us in the next years.