Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had some very good fishing if you talk to many customers and bad fishing if you talk to cabin 6 and 7. Well what is new you will say, but it is always a big surprise to me when it happens. Some guys will never listen to anything or anybody because they know it all and they know there is no fish here. One of these guys even pushed it to the point of making a lot of people unhappy and making a foul of himself at the picnic.But other customers like Steve, Patti, Greg, John, Ed and many others were very happy about their week of fishing. Many walleyes over the slot and in the slot were caught this week.Even kids fishing on the cabin docks caught some walleyes. Leeches seemed to make a big difference in catching more walleyes this week but some were caught on worms also. The first day of bass season was very good with a few party fishing for them and telling us that they caught and release many very big bass. Only one big pike was reported this week but like always not everybody tells us about their catch. Lake trout even did really good with our customers that usualy fish for them. Many lake trout in the 24 to 26 inches were caught and release this week and a few over the slot were also kept. The main big news on lake trout fishing is the new ways of fishing for them. Some of our customers said that those plastic minows immitation with scent on them work very good, but we also have a brand new way to fish for them with a different bait that was use succesfuly by two of our Friends this week. I’ve heard they would put a patent on it, thanks to Steve and Patti !
Hunting wise we did a 100% killing ratio this week with 17 bear out of 17 hunters. On this we also had some guys that shot at two bear before they got theirs. A few very big one were baged and most of all the bears were in great shape so far as there hides. But what else can we say about our hunt that was not already said. I guess that we charge a little more then the average outfitter, but we give so much more in our package and so much better result. Dont wait to book your trip with one of our lodge.