Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of customers as usual but fishing was a little harder than usual. We had a lot of regular in camp and even them had a little harder time to catch fish then usual.This week we had the customers ( Rob and Tracey) that caught the most fish in there two weeks stay with us last year. They caught  332 walleyes  38 bass 1 pike and 1 lake trout , not bad for a little couple on a two weeks vacation.  Well they are the one doing the best again this week but nothing as good as last year. It is weird because for the last 5 or 6 years those few weeks in july have been some of the best in the summer. Anyway last 2 or 3 days fishing as picked up and some of our customers have done good . But some of our customers will always have a hard time doing what they should do to catch more fish. Even if some of the customers we had this week fish very hard they did not do what our regular customers do so they did not have to much luck. The biggest walleye I heard about this week was 26 inches but we also had a lot of 22 to 24 inches reported. Pike wise the biggest I heard about was 31 inches and bass wise the biggest was 19 1/2 inches. No lake trout fisherman at all this week .

We had a little accident at the lodge this week with one of our Customer that hit a rock with one of our brand new motor . It is always important to stay away from these boohe and flag that we put every where to avoid this type of accident. They were very lucky that the boat it self did not hit the rock this could have been a lot worst. We appreciate you alive and in good health , no fish is wort that. The good part about this is that every one is ok .

That is why it is a good idea to have your life west on at all time . The other very important thing is not to run the motor after such blow to the lower unit because it could heart you and or the motor .

Something else as happen this week that I still can’t believe . After talking about this some time this spring we had again 3 guys that had the nerve to come here and be served and fed all week and gave the cook a big 10$ tip for a 7 days of service. Wow I think when you are like that you should stay home. And one thing is sure next year tip for the cook will be added to the bill .

On other news we are starting a major renovation on the outside of our cabin this summer and we will also do some on the inside in the fall. Many little things like furniture and equipement will also be work on starting this summer until next spring. We have always put a lot of money back in to our lodge for your comfort and for your safety and I know you all appreciate this.

Last week I have said in our weekly update that we were keeping our same price for the 2018 season. Well in the last two weeks we haveh ad a lot of you that either rebook at the lodge when they left or even a lot of you that email and call to reserved a spot next year which we are very happy about. But that leave us with very little room on some of the week for next year so don’t wait to long to reserve your spot to avoid disappointment.