Dear Customers and Friends,

Our 2013 season as ended with our last customers for moose hunting living the lodge yesterday . This year moose hunt was a good one for moose and if you compare with the 2012 season it was a fantastic year . We have killed 6 moose 2 bulls 3 cows and 1 calf . With the one miss bull on the first week and the one cow miss on the second week it made it a good year . On top of that,  we had a few huntesrs that did note shoot what they seen and one hunter that had to live for helt probleme in is family . All of this put together I gess we did very good for moose this year with a 37.5% killing ratio .

Fishing was very good also this year with a lot of very good weeks and a few not as good . We finish our season with the same party as usual wich is the Smith party that have been with us for the last 25 years.  This party is allways  the last party alound in camp (october ) for fishing and note they allways  do good for walleyes that late in the season. We are very lucky at TBL to have so many partys that have been with us for many many years . Our walleyes fishing have been great this year for most of the time  and our pike fishing is just been getting better and better every year.   Most likely because of the catch and release that most of the people do on that species . So far as lake trout,  less people have been fishing for them lately but it as been realy good anyway . The main reason why the people have been fishing less for lake trout , is that they spend more and more time on bass fishing year after years . The bass fishing as been fantastic in the last 4 to 5 yeasr , as a lot of you said Lake Kipawa as the best small mought bass fishing in Canada , note only on numbers but on size also .

Bear in 2013 was as great as usual at both of our location . Our 91 % killing ratio and our biggest bear at 417 lbs at TBL have been good . At HLL we did a 94% killing ratio and the biggest bear was  494 lbs  that also was a great season for us . Please note that at HLL fishing is getting to be a major thing with pike , walleyes and bass being caught in great numbers more and more every years as we lurn this new area for fishing . TBL and HLL will open a new areas  for black bear in 2014 and 2015 make sure to reserve early .

Well that was our 2013 season .  I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of our Customers for another great year and hope to see you all next year . Please keep on emailing us for any question you may have and make sure to reserve early to avoid desapointement .