Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a full camp again with 4 groups on a two weeks stay , two groups on a five days stay and the reminder of customers in for a seven days stay . We are lucky to have that many good repeat customers which help us stay above the average in all we give to all our customers . Many years we did not increase our price at the same time as giving more and more service and equipment to all of our customers .  I was talking with a very good customer of our this week and he was asking how we do it to keep such fair price for what we give like unlimited gas , bait , access to many remote lake , the picnic with free beer,  free use of lake trout equipment , private dock at every cabin , 24 hours electricity etc. etc.  Well I told  him that it is not always easy with everything that our gouverment come up with and everything we have to pay for . But we are happy to do what we do and would not change anything at all in our way of life . Fishing this week was hard in the beginning of the week and very good at the end . Walleyes and bass were the two fish people were after mainly and most of the comment I got were on how big the everage size was . Imagine if we ever get a slot size on this lake the fishing is going to get fantastik very very fast . Many customers this week also reported that they caught a lot more northen then usually, the same comment that many other customers told us so far this year  . On remote lakes this week all did very good , producing many many fish for our differents guys that went there . We have had a few family that did fantastik on some of these lake . The picnic was great again this week with turkey on the spit and many very good people attending . We love that time of the week where we get to talk more with everybody . On other news we have had many change in all kind of fish and hunting regulation in the last years and there is more coming in the next few years some very good for our lake and it fish population  . I have personnaly work very hard to make some of these regulation a little better then what our gouverment wanted them to be , but it is very hard to do so because I am the only outfitter on this lake that take time to follow all of this and try to make it better for the game , the lake and all of it user . I even got told by an Outtfitter on this lake one day , that he did not have time for that type of thing and for him it did not mean that much . But it is funny he is one that bitches the most about everything here on lake Kipawa . Well our biologist and gouverment do know that the Outtfiters on this lake do not work together and that is one of the reason they can do what ever they want some time . It is very sad to see this .  Well we are getting close to the end of our season but we still have 3 weeks to go to our regular fishing season and than our 4 weeks of hunting season and it will be already over . Time goes fast so don’t wait and do what you like to do now .