Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of rain, some had very good fishing and some not so good. Many of our cabins were taken by regular customers some that have been with us for the last 20 years and even 28 years for some. Well fishing was up and down this week with some morning and evening that have been fantastic and some that where a little slower. I think the fish were just tired of the rain just like the rest of us. This spring and first part of the summer has been very wet so far. The biggest walleye we were told about this week was a 27 and 1/2 inches. One thing that is very obvious is that the slot regulations is already showing on the quality of fish we catch. Many Bass were caught also and same story there the size and weight of those fish is just amazing. The biggest pike we heard about this week was a 42 inches caught by a guy that asked one thing only when he came here: to catch a 42 inches pike. How about that, soon we’ll be called fantasy island. Lake trout wise we had people fishing for them this week and they did good for some and very good for others. So far as we know one more week of bad weather and then they are calling for much better weather. Our friends the mosquitos will go away after that.

On other news some of you know about it some dont but we do have 3 different lodges which are TBL naturally and Maple Leaf Lodge which is right here on Kipawa Lake also. But a lot of you dont know about Holden Lake Lodge which is on Holden Lake 3 hours south of TBL. That camp is mainly known for our bear hunting but has excellent fishing also. Just this year so far they have done very very good on walleye and bass fishing. One of the advantage at that lodge is to be able to fish the main lake but also the river just down below the lake which proves to be fantastic fishing in many occasions. Just last week we had 3 regular customers from TBL take there second trip at Holden instead of TBL. They caught over 350 walleyes in there week and were very happy that they decided to do that. So from now on if TBL is full like it is many times in june and for most of the summer, that is one spot I would recommend you to try one year. TBL, MLL, HLL are realy all very good spots for a week of fishing or hunting but only here at TBL will you get my great looks as a bonus.