Dear Customers and Friends,

This week at TBL fishing was great , weather was great , customers and friends were great . This week wehad at least 10 different parties telling us how great our lodge is compare to all the lodge they have been to before,  It is like a little paradise they say. Naturally with fishing beeing as good as it as been this week and for many many weeks before it helps making everybody happy. But not only this make our lodge so great if you listen to a lot of our customers. Here are a few thing that they aprecciate the most .

Very clean and modern facilities continually beeing improve, and good dependable equipement continually beeing improve , 

Fantastic lake easy to get to and great fishing

Safe and easy access in case of emergency.

Simple to understand fishing and hunting package all inclusive with no hidden cost  at very good price.      

Easy access to many other attraction in the area ( National Park , Kipawa River , Old trading post )

Always new things to discover on the lake and around it.

Good , effective t and friendly service.  

Well with this beeing said here are some of the best fish caught this week . Walleyes and bass were realy hungry with report of a lot of walleyes over 22 inches caught and release with even more in the 15 to 21 inches reported .As I said before these new rules on our lake are sure paying off already and will pay off even more in the next few years. Beeing President of the outfitters association and having work very hard on some of these new rules and I am pround to see them work as good as they are . This guarantees  us and all of you a fantastic furtur .

Bass were also caught in great numbers this week and like with walleyes our fisherman release a lot of them making our bass fishing always better every year. The biggest one we were told about this week was a 21 incher with many many of other one reported between the 18 to 20 inches. A few of our customers did fish for lake trout and caught some of them with the biggest one reported at 28 inches I think only 2 were kepth to eat by our customers this week. We are not about to empty the lake at that speed !!! Not to many people fish for pike this week and most of the pike caught were caught by mistake while fishing for walleyes or bass.

Well another great week just ended here at TBL,  If you have not reserve your trip for next year do it now to avoid desappointement and if you have never been at TBL make sure to try us one time to see the difference and enjoye our little paradise.