Great Summer

We’re pretty much halfway through our summer now and it’s been an excellent year so far. We did very good on bear hunting, as we usually do, and we’ve been doing great on fishing. We’re proud to say that we give hunters the best hunting experience possible, keeping our killing ratio well above 90% year after year. This season out of the 69 bear hunters in camp we got 65 bears. We do work hard to maintain those baits and keep the bears active, and it surely pays off.


On The Fishing Side

We’ve had another very successful fishing season so far. We’re very lucky because having so much return customers also means we got plenty of people in camp each week that know how to fish the lake and catch plenty of fish. Since there’s nothing a fisherman likes to do more than talk it’s always easier for the newcomers to get tips, tricks and fishing spots. We’ve had some very nice catch this summer, walleyes over 30”, pikes over 40”, plenty of nice lake trouts and lots of trophy smallmouths. It seems like fishing is just getting better every year on lake Kipawa and we think that’s very important. We’ve always encouraged our customer to ”catch and release” as much as they can which we hope will keep our lake healthy for a very long time. The longer we can fish and enjoy lake Kipawa the better.


Thanks to you 

We thought we would take some time here at Taggart Bay Lodge to thank all our customers again for supporting us year after year. It’s another wonderful summer at the lodge so far, we sure hope you were or will be here at some point. The staff here likes to say that plenty of our customers are as good friends as they are good fisherman or hunter. We’re very lucky to have so much customers that return every season sometimes up to four weeks every year. It shows us we’re going in the right direction with the camp and helps us in making the place better for everyone. We’ve owned Taggart Bay Lodge for the last twenty-six years and with your help we went from a small place with 3 cabins to the largest Outfitters on lake Kipawa. Thanks to you, we’ll still be here for many years.


What else could we say, it’s been another great year at Taggart Bay, we’ve met some very nice people, welcomed old friends for another year, learned a few things and made great memories. Hope this season was or will be enjoyable for all of you, we’ve got your boat and cabin ready if you ever need a bit of Taggart Bay.