Dear Customer and Friends

This week at TBL we  had our yearly bass contest and kids  were in majority so far as winner of our contest . Remember that our contest is a catch and release contest . Stone Dyer  NJ 15 year old  was the grand winner with a 20 1/4 inches bass  our second place went to Grant Stoltzfus PA  14 years old with a 19 3/4 inches small mounth and finaly for third place we ad Don Mathus with a 19 1/4 inches bass . On the walleye side your host when fishing twice this past two week   " I know I am getting a little lazy  "  In those two time one time I got my bot kick by my girl friend with a count of 7 to 0 in her faver , but the second time I did much better witH a count of 9 waleyes and one bass for me and 0 for her , but notice on the second trip out she staid in sleeping so i did not have to hard of time betting her . For more serious fisherman this week we ad M.Randy Stoltzfus  PA with a 29 inches walleye for the biggest one of the week . Please note that the Stolzfus family caught 10 walleys one night 28 the night after and 21 last night , after a little patience and good advise and a few years at TBL the family is getting to be very good at this .  We also had many other smaller walleyes caught in the bigginning of the week but it slowed donw at the end . A few nice lake trout were also caught this week even if not to many guys fish for them . Joe Martucci got the biggest one of the week with a 27 1/2 inches . The weather is verry hot now , their is a fire band in the area because of the little rain we got in the last few weeks . I also took my 4 days vacation this week and as usual everybody mist me a lot while I was gone , I may have to cut that to a 3 days vacation next year !!!  Well one finale thing before I let you go , as we told all of you we have put in a lot of time money and effort again last year and this spring by making a lot of improvement on our infrastructure . Well the thing everybody realy enjoy a lot since we started this season are our new deck a lot of our cabins . Most of the customers spend more time on those deck then in the cabin . I guess that I was right again !!! One more reason to spend more time at TBL where we put your money back in to your confort .