Dear Customers and Friends

Ho Ho Ho to all of you from all of us . At TBL today everything is white . i just came back last night from a little vacation and i had to drive in a realy bad snow storm for the last 3 hours . That is call welcome back to Canada . The lake are all frozen by now even Kipawa , but not anought to go on it yet . We have about 10 to 12 inches of snow on the ground not bad at all for up here . We sent most of our early snow this year down to a city in the US call Buffalo !!! We have Many of you calling and emailing us about next year moose season and yes we did start a new package for two persons with a little lower price then we had before . So dont wait because spot are going fast . So far as our bear package it will be the same for this coming season . Our fishing package is the same as all the last years , but we had to go up in price a little ( 20$ )  after beeing at the same price for 5 years .  But we decided after talking to lot of you that it was better going up a little and keeping everything included then taking some thing our of the package . We have also change a little our offer on the upgraded boat , so far as now all of our upgraded boat will have a troling motor included with everything else that was already include in them . We have made these few change after talking to lot of you over the last couple of years . We are always trying to improve our lodge in service or equipement and at the same time trying to keep the cost as low as posible for a all inclusive package . Well i guess it is all for now .  At this time of the season i would like to wich to all of you and your family’s the best of hollidays posible . And from everybody at TBL Merry Chrimast and Happy New Years to everybody .