Dear Customers and Friends

Many weeks have past since I have gave you news from our lodge . Now everything is close and I  have taken all of our equipment back to my house for winter . Winter is nice and cold now with a minus 21 this morning . The little lake in front of my house is all frozen and I think most of lake Kipawa will in the next few days .  Many of you have call or email to tell us how anxious you are to get back to the lodge next year . A lot of our customers have taken advantage of our 3 different weeks with special pricing  to book there trip for next year . Please call soon for those weeks because we have very little room left for those . We will be at all of the regular show this winter and hope to se you up there . This past year was a very good one and we are expecting another very good one in 2014 . By having more and more of you doing catch and release on most of the fish , our fishing as been getting better and better every year . Some of the species that are beeing release the most are pike and bass , and both are doing very well if you ask our fisherman . A lot of our customer regular and new told us that we have world class small mouth bass fishing now on our lake . When you know that we have great pike , walleyes and lake trout fishing already this bass fishing just make it another good reason to come to our lodge . Well,  I am getting anxious my selft now just talking about it .  If you are already reserve for 2014 will see you then , and if not don’t wait to long so you are not disappointed if we don’t have the week you want.