Dear Customers and Friends,

First sorry about the delay on my weekly update but we are very very busy working around the camp.

Season is coming to an end.  Fishing is almost over we had a few groups in camp this week and fishing was a little slow but the weather was very very warm and enverybody enjoy a little swim in the lake.  That was a first for september 24th.  Same thing for the muskitos that came back out.  We have had over 90 degres over the weekend.

This week is the second week of bow season for moose it was very quiet at the begginning with that kind of weather but thursday morning the temperature finally droped a bit and the masters Alex and Nicolas got Lucky and killed a nice bull moose.

Next week people will start coming for gun season.  It is always a very exciting time of the year.

Beside that, we are still working on the cabins.  We now have 3 of them all done with new siding.  Look very nice!!!

And finaly, we have a special tought for one of our good Customer and friend Roger Miller who past away on september 14th.  Roger was Tom and Linda Miller’s son.  RIP Roger.