Dear Customers and Friends

With this nice winter we are getting what better then to think about your next trip at the lodge . I have been very lazy this winter and have not written many update even if the subject are plentyfull . We will have as some of you already  know some more spécial weeks this year at TBL  . Well it seem like a lot of you guys appraciate greatly these spécial weeks , because out of the 3 different type of weeks that we have over a 5 weeks period we have only one week where we still have room ( may 24 to 31 )  . We are trying to start another spécial week for this comming season which will be at the end of august some time. We have a great idea and we will ask all of you about it this season at the lodge . So far as the booking at our lodges we are way in advance on all of the year i have been at TBL , i guess that we are doing a few thing right . If you are looking to book a bear trip for this season we still have a few spot at Holden Lake but after that we will be selling for 2015 at both lodge TBL and HLL . For the fishing season we are selling now the very last week of july and some weeks in august at TBL . We still have a few opening at HLL for june and a few in july and august . Please dont wait to reserve your fishing trip for 2014 season and if you are looking to hunt bear with us in 2015 we are already taking booking and some of our week for 2015 are already book . We are at the show in Harrisburg PA  as we speak  and we will  soon be in Pittsburgh PA for our next show . A lot of you already came and saw us in Syracuse NY and Harrisburg PA and we hope that many others are going to come see us at one of the show we do . We are planing on remodelling one of our cabin again this year at the same time as we will jack up the the last 3 that we have not done yet . After that we will take a few days to think about our next project .  We are very happy to receive all of your comment by email which many of them are to tell us how much you like our lodge and how anctious you are to come back , well we are very proud of that and we will keep on working hard to make our place your home away form home.