Dear customers and Friends

I know that a lot of you are waiting with great hope for news about the upcoming season and we are also. But at this point in the beginning of April with our government not showing any sign of opening the border  , our  vaccination process being so slow and all that we see and hear about is covid going back up , we have no choice because of these reason and many other to start taking action about this coming season.  I never taught just like most of us and you that this would be possible,  and believe me when I say I wish that I would not have to do this. But we are going to have to transfer our US customers for the month of may and june 2021 to the 2022 season.

We have hear true none official government leak that the border between Canada and the US will not open before July if even then. With all of the preparation that is needed for our many fishing and hunting group that we get from the state , we are already very late to plan all of what need to be done.  And if we were to get everything set up and ready for our numerous customers from the US and that the border do not open at the beginning of the season our lost after 2 years would be to big to handel.

 I will spare you all of the different reason making our regular opening to hard financially or other weise for us to do , but for us and you,  there is many thing to plan or to change in our plan for the coming months that we can not wait any longer to act. 

Now we have some different option for those who are affected by this decision.

 First for all fisherman you will be offered to join us on a later date in the 2021 season in July august or September. Another option for our fisherman will be to transfer there week of fishing to the same week or other week if possible in the 2022 or 2023 season. If by a unbelievable chance the border would open for example the second week of june we will right away call of the fisherman plan for those weeks to tell them that if they can they will be more then welcome to come in right there and then. If you choose not to contact us or if you cant or forget we will transfer you automatically to your same week for the following year 2022.

Second for our bear hunter. You will be offered a few option also. First is to transfer your hunt to the 2022 or 2023 season. Second will be to hunt with us in new special fall season that we have ask our government to do for us . Naturally this season will take place in mid august to mid september if the border are open by then witch we really think it will be. If you choose that option make sure to call or email us as soon as you can because we will be taking a limited number of hunter do to the 4 week season instead of the 6 week season. Third you will able to transfer your bear hunting trip into a moose hunting trip for 2021 , 2022 or2023. Fourth you will be able to transfer your bear hunting trip into a fishing trip for later in the 2021 season or the 2022 season. Finally if you choose not to contact us or if you cant or forget we will transfer you to the 2022 or 2023 bear hunting season accordingly to your date of reservation. For the bear hunting customer even if the border were to open for example in early june there will be no spring bear hunt  this coming spring do to the many week of baiting needed to do our bear hunt.

As I said earlier in the case of not earing from some of you we will transfer everybody to a following year accordingly to there dates of reservation and will send you new receipt with your new dates without you having to do anything. If some of you are not able to come on the weeks that will be assigned to you for some reason we will give you another date later on that year or on a later year . Many of you have already move to 2022 and 2023 and even as late as 2024 for people that were out of work for a long time but no mather when we will reschedule  you , you will not loose any of your deposit that way.

For our July and august 2021 customer there will be another announcement later on this spring and hopefully we will have better new then. But I do not want to lie to you and either  because we are not sure at all about July and august if we look at what is going on right now and what we hear and see all over Canada. So if you want to be sure to be able to pick  your  at work or where you want to go this summer maybe it would be safer to look at something in the US and transfer your trip with us for 2022 right away . If you choose to wait for our other announcement before you make your decision it is perfectly ok with us also and we will be happy to have you here if thing change by then.  If you were to choose like some of you already did to move to the following year right away with out waiting. In this case you only have to contact me by email or phone to confirm your intention.

Now I want to say to all of you that we are very sorry about all of this way to long tragedies but believe me I am the first that would not have wanted this at this point in my life. But so far I was lucky I guess because none of my close family died  and so far as I know we did not loose to many of our friends from the state to this terrible sickness even if loosing one person is already to many. I want one again say how terribly sorry I am for the family of those that lost a love one in this disaster that is covid 19. We have ad new of 5 of our regular customers that past away because of that and many more of there family and friends got sick over it so yes I guess I am very lucky over all.  If you have any question about your booking with us please email me and I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Like I said earlier if you do not get in contact with us and you have a reservation with us for 2021 we will automatically transfer your reservation to a following years and we will send you a new receipt with confirmation of you new dates and deposit.


Thank you. Hope to talk soon stay safe.