Dear Customers and Friends,

As a lot of you already know the border are now open with out any restriction for people to travel from the US to Canada. We are expecting a very big year in 2023 so far as the number of clients coming to TBL.

As we always have done here at TBL we are going to be as fair as possible with all of you that could not come for the last 2 or 3 years. I did already explain to a lot of our customers that most of the outfitters, resort and all similar vacation area stop carrying their customers deposit after the 2021 season. I do understand very well why a lot of the owner of these different resorts had to do this, but me at TBL chose to do this a little different.

At TBL for the 2023 season I will honor your deposit from the 2020 and 2021 season if you did not come yet in 2022 and if you did not cancel your trip before.

Naturally, everybody know that we do not leave in the same world as we did a few years back. For us it as been very very hard to stay alive and to keep on pushing all your deposit to another year.

So, in order to be able to enjoy your stay with us this coming season 2023 or in some case in 2024 and have your deposit honor you will have to agree on the adjust price that we will give each of you for your next stay. It will be as fair of a price as we can just like we always did in the past.

Also due to the number of bear hunter we had book with us for the 2020 and 2021 season there will be some change of date and change of cabin for some of you. Naturally, priority will be given to the hunter that were book in 2020 and then to the one from 2021.

There will be email and or letter sent to every customer that are still on our list for a fishing or hunting trip. Please be on the look out for those and confirm getting your new invoice, date, number of people in your group and so on. Failing to contact us will get you of our list of reservation. Please contact us as soon as get your new invoice. Please contact us by letter or email. If you do not get anything and you think you should of, please contact us to verified.

We know it will be a little hard to reschedule all of you but if everybody is a little flexible, we should be able to do that. Naturally this is the last time we push your deposit to a future stay with us. We will do everything we can to get you in for the 2023 season or maybe for a few of you in 2024.

Once again we hope that you can all come and enjoy your trip with us.  But if they were to be another border closier for any reason, sadly we would have to cancel any reservation for people that could not come to our lodge for any reason. The only thing we and you must do is to agree on date, year and price for your next stay and then confirm everything by writhing and we can all enjoy our next season of fishing or hunting.

Thank you.