Dear Customer and Friends

It has been a long time since I have talk to you and gave you news from us and our lodge . I just came back from my little yearly vacation and it was good but I was happy to come back home after a few weeks  . I can only imagine what it is for a lot of you when you get back to the lodge after a long winter . I know that the first few times I get back to TBL in the spring I always have that good feelling of coming back where I belong . Well another season as come and go at TBL and the next one will be here faster then we think . We have made a few improvement again in the past few mounths to some of our cabin and some of are equipment that we can’t wait for you guys to see . The 2016 season was a great season all around with some excellent fishing most of the time and a great bear season as usual . Moose season was ok but not the best we had . This coming season is realy promising , because of the possibility of shoothing all different moose Caft , Bull and cow plus that after a ok season usualy the following season is great .

Our new package in 2016 were a great success with the cast and blast package , the bow season for moose , our ATV ridding package and our extended fishing season . We will be offering all of these package again in 2017 + maybe a few more.

Soon we will be in our sport show season which is always good to get a few new customers , but mainly very very good to see our regular customers and friends . So this year again we hope to see you in great number at those shows , and we can’t wait to hear you tell us about all those good times you had at our lodge in the past years. That make me feel realy good. Last year again I had many of you come and see me at the shows and that make me feel really good even if we are very busy some time we are never to busy for you . Last year was even a little spécial with a lot of the regular customers coming to see us , but also a lot of old friends and customers that were not at the lodge for a while that stop in to tell us how much they love our lodge and lake . Some of them reserved for 2017 and some told us that they will be back soon which again made me feel very good . But everyone seem to have the same feeling about our lodge and lake  it is just good to be there . Just close and easy enough to get to but yet so far and remote to be extremely peacefull.

In the last year we have lost some very very dear Friends at TBL . I will not give there name out for respect to them and the family . To the family of our dear friends that are gone in the last year I want to tell you again how much I appreciated them and how much we missed them here in the Taggart Bay Family .

This coming year seem like it is going to be very busy again so please dont wait and give us a call or email and we will be please to help you out with what you want . And at the end of another great year it is time for me and all of our staff at TBL to wish every one of you some very happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas .