Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had our second week of family plans and it was great.  Families love it even if the weather was not too good to start with . All the families like the fact that we give them a chance to enjoy fishing and vacationing on lake Kipawa at a very reasonnable price . We will make some small changes on next years family package . First we will have a family package that includes everything like our other package ( no gas limit ) but for a few more dollars to avoid having to check everything all the time and to make it even cheaper for our families . Talking about families , again I will try to explain that our family package is for a family only – Husband , Wife and Kids and not for two guys that bring kids or any other idea that some of you may have . This package is so popular that we rebooked 5 families already for the 2015 season . Another thing at the lodge this week , oh yes we had some customers that did very good at fishing and others that did not do so good . A lot of nice walleyes were caught this week and some very nice bass also . The biggest walleye was 26 inches and many of them  20 inches and + . Most of the customers doing very good this week were on their second or third year with us . Their best trick was that they did what we tell them to do where we told them to do it . The biggest bass of the week was caught last night by Tom Miller with a 20 1/4  incher . We also had one of these monster pike attack a poor 12 inch smallmouth bass that was already hooked on somebodys line . For what they saw of it it was in the 40 inch category . Natualy on a good week like that we had to have one little problem with one customer that was born to be a bitcher . After his week of telling us how everything should be here at TBL this nice guys left our lodge with many things of ours.  I guess that he needed some of the not so good things we have here at our lodge . Thanks . Bob from cabin 10.  Oh, by the way, we have cameras in a lot of different spots now at TBL . Well now that the good weather is here and Bob is gone everything should be great next week .