Dear customers and friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of families on their family fishing trip . All of the families did very good and were very happy about the fishing this week . Family fishing is not as sérious as some other groups we have sometimes , but this week they did better then ever even with the little time they spend  fishing . Actully,  many kids did very good this week with many very nice fish caught . Stone Dyer NJ on his second week at TBL caught a 28 inch walleyes, and note that his family came at TBL for 5 weeks this summer . We also had Matt Geiser PA who caught two 19 inch Bass .  Matt was staying in the same cabin as Elmer Gerber PA that caught a 21 inch smallmouth . Many wallyes in the 20 to 26 inch range were caught this week with many of them released . Even your host  ( FISHERMYSER  YVES ) had a grand slam one night with many walleyes caught + one pike 28 inches and one bass 16 inches , WHAT A NIGHT . At TBL we have a lot of regular costomers that come more then once a year,  some for 2 weeks a year , some 3 weeks  , some 4 and some even 5 weeks a year . Note that you get a 30% discount off the regular price for every week that you come back in the same summer .  Talk about home away from home . Most of our regulars come back here year after year for my good look s,  but some of them for other reason also . The main reason people come back so often and so many time a year at TBL are : The lake it self and its great fishing , the great modern facilities constantly been improved ,  the reasonable price for everything you get , the good service , and the security of being fairly close to help in case of emergency . The comment we hear the most often here at TBL is   " We get much more here then we realy expected  " .  Our 2014 season is looking great . Already we have more bookings now then we had at the same time last season . Is it posible that I am getting even better looking ???  So don`t wait to make your next booking and avoid desappointment .