Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had our family week # 2 and it was a success again . We had many of our parties that took advantage of our new family week . These weeks are very popular with our regular and new customers . We have come out with these weeks to give a chance to the families to try a week of fishing on a lake in Canada at a very affordable price . This package was made for husband and wife with two or three kids .  These packages have some restrictions compared to our regular packages , but they were such a success that they will be on for next year again . Weather wise it was not too good again this week , but again bad weather  produced a lot of nice catches . The biggest fish this week was a 37 1/2 inch Northern Pike caught by Josh Miller from MI.  A close second was Mike Modzelewski with is pike of 37 inches  . On the Bass side we had Stone Dyer with his double header one of 20 and another one of 20 1/2 inches on saturday july 5  . Stone and his gram’ma and dad are here for their third week in a row . A lot of nice walleyes were caught also this week and a few lakers – not many but also nice sized . Some of our customers did extremely well on some of our remote lakes with one group catching 64 pike in one afternoon .  One group had a ball with smallmouth themselves.  On two occsaions they caught many bass  once in the morning one in the evening. But what they had the most fun with was seeing the bass come on the surface by hundreds to catch the mayflies . With all the rain we had in the last two weeks everything seemed to brake down this week and naturaly it was the week that I was alone since one of my helpers is gone on vacation and the other one is now laid-off  . So many of our motors, génerators, ect… ran bad and that was is all I could do starting in the morning and ending at 8 or 9 at night that week . On top of that we had two out bord motors that  burned in the same week .  Maybe I should not do the méchanics anymore !!!  I just sold two trips to different groups of bear hunters for next year , which make my total number of hunters  54 for this coming season . Please hurry if you want to hunt bear with us in 2015 and remember that we have a new fall bear hunt also . See you all soon .