Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we started with not to good weather and not so great fishing but the week ended a lot better with some great fishing and very good weather . Most of our customers this week were regulars with some of them that have a lot of seniority here at TBL . Here is a few exemple of that, the Krazer with 5 years come 3 or 4 time a year, the Rawson with 7 years and 2 weeks a year, the Reed with 8 years, the Brown with 10 years and 2 or 3 weeks a year, the Yockey with 20 years 4 time a year, the Eldrige and George with 28 years 2 weeks a year. I’ll spare you all the other 2-3 years return customers we also had this week. I guess we are doing something right in order to have so many repeat customers every week. We were again full this past week and almost everyone in camp rebooked for next june when they left. Make sure to call us soon if you are thinking of coming in june 2017 because there is very little left already for june 2017 . Some very nice fish were caught and released this week which is really good for our lake. First we had about 10 wallyes we heard about that were from 27 to 30 inches, and that’s just the ones we heard about. We also had 4 laketrout over the 28 inches mark caught and 3 out of those 4 were release. Bass was just fantastic this week with many bass reported over the 20 inches and almost all of them were released also . Not to many pikes were caught this week and no thophy were reported but nobody really fish for them that much in the main lake, our remote lakes were very good however. Here at TBL we think that catch and release on this lake is the greatest thing that ever happened for the lake and the fish population. Naturaly it is not all perfect but it is very good for our customers and everybody in the long run. I hope that everybody is going to do their part in making our lake one of the best in Canada.

Bear hunting is over this week and all together we had a good season . We did not do our best season ever but we did good for our standard and very good compared to a lot of other guides and outfitters we know. Our last week was very hard with only some bear seen and none kill out of 3 hunters, that were hunting with long bows. Next season is all sold out for bear at TBL but we still have soom room at our Holden Lake Camp for bear hunting in 2017 .

Here is a new thing that I will try to put on our weekly update when i think it is wort while. I will give a special award to the guy or guys or cabin that did the most good thing in there week. In one week the same guys managed to screw-up one of the propeller on the big motor and one on the electric trolling motor . They pulled a crank of the motor and then screwed-up the electric starter on the big motor. Not only that but these guys needed to have 3 gas thank in their boat all week + 2 batteries for the trolling motor. And all of this to thank me for getting them the cabin they really wanted on the week they wanted . Well thanks to you guys also !!!

I am very lucky they are very few people like that and that most of our customers are great, that’s what makes our job so much fun .