Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL fire out  fire on ,fire out fire on and finally, the fires are out. Yes they’ve got all the fires around our lodge under control. On other news we have a great visitor this week at TBL. Linda Miller showed up this week for a surprise two weeks stay at the lodge. Many of our regular customers were very happy to see her back here after a few years away. The picnic was a great time with her and many regular customers beeing there.

Fishing wise most of our customers did very good with a few exception. Many many walleyes and bass were caught. After a slow start in may the fishing as been nothing less then great even, fantastic some of the time.This week we had 48 persons in camp with maybe only 12 beeing on their first time here and even them did very good at fishing. Everybody said that they loved our lodge and they can’t believe how much they get for there money here at TBL.

Gary S. and friends were on their second weeks and said that they did better then ever. Fishing is getting better year after year since the regulations changed, we’re getting more numbers, bigger sizes and great fishing all around.

We hope to see or hear from you soon. Thanks