Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of  FIRST Timers and some repeat customers.  We even had somebody from the Buffalo Sabres  . Many Northen Pike , Bass , Lake Trout and Walleyes were caught this week and here are some of them . FIRST Dennis Elsenbeck JR.  NY  with a 40 inch pike  and Ryan Lubetski with his 39 inch pike . Ellen Oldhan PA caught a 27 inch lake trout  and finaly Miky Beauchamp 5 years old caucht a 19 inch bass and that was his FIRST one ever . No very big walleyes were caught this week but many nice and smaller ones were . Many of our kids catch a lot of fish right of the dock at TBL and that makes it fun for the whole family  . Weather permiting, some of our groups did extremely good on waleyes many different days this week . The only days that were a little slower were the 2 days that the cold ( very cold ) front came in . We had more people from Québec in camp this week then we ever had . We did have a bilingual picnic for the FIRST time in 15 years , by the way Tom is now speeking french !!!  A very funny thing happened this week at the lodge for the FIRST time.  I had 3 different customers tell me about a couple of guys posting on . It seems that a couple of guys are tryng very hard to sell trips for other lodges on Lake Kipawa by putting everything and everybody down . I am proud of myself since I have never done this and never had  to do this to fill our lodge . I am also very proud that I have never heard or seen any of my customer do this.  I guess it depends on how you act and talk with your customers so far as who does this or not . To me,  there are some very nice and good lodges on Lake Kipawa.  This lake is the best for many different reasons and "Thats All I Have To Say About That. "  On another thing, TBL is proud to annonce another  FIRST for next year . Starting in 2014, we will have a SPÉCIAL FAMILY PACKAGE for two weeks in July . Next year these two weeks are going to be from July 12th to 19th and from July 19th to 26th . This package will give a family of Two adults and 1 to 3 kids ( under sixteen ) a 7 days stay for 1095$ per family . Remember that we are taking bookings already for 2014 and at that price the spots are going to go fast for those two weeks. FIRST come FIRST served !!!

Watch for a spécial promotional annoncement in next week update . IT MAY SAVE YOU LOT OF MONEY ON YOUR NEXT TRIP !!!