Dear Customers and friends

First week of the season  has come and gone . The lake trout fishing was great as it always was on the first weeks . Walleyes themselves were not very active because of the late spring we had but they are starting to bite pretty good . Many great big northern pike were seen in the bays but very few were caught , they were not too aggressive for the first week . This is a good thing because our pike contest starts only this week . Note that this year pike contest winner will win a free trip at TBL in 2040 if he comes in the month of october accompanied of his grand mother on is fathers side . Now that is a great prize !  We had good luck at bear also as we kill 6 bears out of 9 hunters and had 4 bears missed on top of that , yes more than one bear missed for some of the guys . Better luck next time we say , or better practice I don’t know wich one to say . As all of our hunters know after two missed bear you can’t hunt anymore , which is normal if you want to keep a good hunt . We had a very hard winter and spring up here this year and we are a little behind on some of our work, but so far hunting and fishing mattters everything is ready and going . We will have a good year  even with the few cancelations we got in the last weeks, most of our summer is full as usual , and I really  think my good looking have something to do with this.  DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT KIM !!! Anyway, all of this to say we are going to have another great season here because of all of you and we can’t wait to see all of you.  Please remember that it is illegal to give any alcoolic beverage to any of my staff  this could cause you to be short in stock and you would’nt have enough for me.  We had some very old customers and friends here the first week of fishing and hunting and it is always a great pleasure to see them as they announce the openning of the lodge . Thanks,  Bob, Phil, Dave .  And it is always a great pleasure to see all of our staff  for the start of a new season.  Thanks,  Tom, Linda,  Lise,  Sylvain,  Phillip.

Thank you,


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