Dear customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had very good fishing on the main lake and on some of our remote lakes . As you all know,  TBL as many different things to offer like 4 main specheis of fish on the main lake and 3 on the remotes .  We offer Walleye , Bass , Lake trout  and Northern Pike  on the main lake and Bass , Norhtern Pike and Yellow Pearch on the remote lakes which makes the kids that come to TBL very happy . This week we had some new customers and some regular ones . Many did extremely good and others did just so and so.  GO fIGURE !!!   With all the good advice we give and the good equipement we have you would think everybody would do good , but some old and new customers are set on their ways and just wont change or try new spots and techniques that we show them . For the ones that did change their way a little  this week we have some very nice walleyes ,bass , pearch and Lake Trout  caught.  Actually, we had a couple, Rob and Tracy  from PA,  that were on their 4th year with us and always do very good . That said,  this year was their best ever . They caught over 200 walleyes ranging from 14 to 22 inches , 40 Small mouth Bass with a lot of them between 18 to 20 inches .  Other customers did very good on the walleyes and bass also but they also caught some lake trout all in the range of the 20 to 28 inches . A couple of our parties this week went to our remote lakes for pike and did extremly good catching over 40 pike in one afternoon . A couple of other parties went for bass and pearch on some of our remote lakes and did very good on the bass and extremly good on Yellow Pearch caching many over  9 inches  which is very good for the lakes up our way . The biggest walleye this week was caught by Rich Oldham  PA with his 28 inch walleye.  We also had customers that caught more pike this year then they did in the last 25 years by casting the shoreline fishing for bass . Altogether the fishing this week and all of July was very good so far and more and more of our famiies and couples take their weeks vacation in July for the good weather , good fishing , no bugs, etc …  Try our month of July if you want to be pleasently surprised. Many of you ask us if we see a lot of widl life at the lodge.   Well this week  we had people see Bleu Herons , Bald Eagles, Moose , Lots of Loons with many many babies , Otters , Beavers , Wolves and many many kinds of birds . I guess that is a lot of wildlife for just one week !!!  Talk to you soon .