Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a full camp but the one cabin we kept empty to work on . We have started to raise cabin 7 to put it on a concrete foundation like most of our cabins are by now . This is part of our way of keeping everything up at our lodge .  Many nice fish were caught this week and one of the nicest was a walleye of 30 1/2 inches,  11 lbs .  Many other fish were caught by everybody  including some kids that were on their first time at the lodge .  Some of our regular parties did extremely good on our remote lakes for pike with over 30 fish per boat .  We even had a biologist do a little study on different things this week and from what he could tell me the lake is is great shape . We had a lot of repeat customers again and a few new ones this week   and everybody had a very good time,  espécailly at the picnic .  Our cow path ( road ) has been all fixed up by the municipality this week and it is very good now like it should be for the rest of the seas0n . We know it took them a few weeks but we cant hold that against them it was the first time in 25 years they had that type of problem . Altogether, the week was great and everybody is leaving the lodge with a lot of good memories . Our fishing  season is getting closer to the end with us stopping to take fishing customers on the 15thof september . This season has been a great one again , with the 2014 season already looking better then this year as far as the number of customers already reserved.   Please dont wait to make your next years bookings as we are already getting full in a lot of different weeks . Some weeks you may considder for your next year trip at TBL are  :  the  Catch & Release Bass contest week (June 28 – July 5) , The family weeks with great discount and our new first time ever  Catch and Release Northen Pike fishing contest . Call or email for more info .