Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we did very good at bear hunting with  13 bear out of 16 hunters. Every body in camp shot at bears but one hunter , some of our hunters even got two chance and still missed . Why do we always have one guy a week that think he is the best hunter , the best shot , the best tracker and he want me and everyone here to know that . Also why is he always the guy that screw up the most ? Anyway we did very good again  this week . Fishing wise we had a lot of fish caught already even with the very late spring we had . We also had a lot of new customers in camp and most were from Ontario as I did a show in Toronto last winter for the first time in a lot of years . Most of these new customers had a hard time to get use to the way we fish here and even so they caught walleyes , lake trout , pike and even bass by mistake . First the walleyes were caught in the usual bays but also in deep waters . Many of the walleyes caught were very nice . Lake Tout were biting very very good and their average size was above normal , many guys were happy about that . Pike was the slowest fish as not to many guys fish for them and most of the ones caught were not so big . The customers fishing this week all agree on one thing , the bass in this lake are the biggest, the best fighters and the most agressive small mounth bass they ever seen . They caught them while fishing for walleyes and pike and had to release them, because bass comes in season only in late june . Most of the people release these bass all summer long has they are not so good to eat but the fun is to catch’em over and over. If you’ve never tried a combination fishing trip with walleyes , small mounth , and pike you have to try our lodge this summer and you will love this we guarantee it. We do have many customers now that do a lot or only catch and release on all the spicies . We strongly recommend that as this is the only way to provide good fishing for ever in our lake as well as others . We will be doing a spécial price on our 2016 for people that only do strickly catch and release at our lodge . if you are coming to the lodge in the next few weeks please do watch out on our road because the moose are still  on it almost every day . See you all soon .