Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had good fishing ,Good Friends , Good times.   Many of our good customers come every year on these weeks in july because they like the weather and the fishing at this time of the year . Well this year the weather was a little bad like all over Canada and the US , but fishing was very good for our customers that learn how and where to fish at this time of the year . A lot of our families love this time of the year because of  the nice weather , no bugs , and good fishing . Fishing this week was good with a lot of nice walleyes caught like the 185 walleyes that Rich and Ellen PA caught on their stay with us.  A  few very nice Pike were also caught  one of them being 40 inches caught by Mike Delbane PA , what a catch !!! Hardly no bass were caught this week , just a few here and there . We had some really nice Lake trout caught also by one of our families.  The two biggest ones were 28 1/2 and 27 1/2 caught by Toby Johnson PA and his daugther Madeline 10 year old . This week I was a little busy trying to improuve our lodge again . Me and Sylvain,   my helper that you all know , did a few things this past week . We started by digging around cabin 10 and then we jacked it up  and put new cribbing under it . Then we put all new drainage around it and backfilled it . After that we built a new set of steps at cabin 8 1/2 with a new antrance . After that, in the same week, we built a new fence in front of our big gas tank . We also have changed our big gas tank for a new one this week , so we had to build a new setup for it before we could put it back where the old one was . After doing all of that and quitting early one day, our week was all ready gone . I know we are getting lazy lately . I also had a lot of fun this week reading a little about Lake Kipawa on some of the websites  that they have about our Lake . I had a lot of laughs and some serious questions about some of the comments on those sites .  It is hard to believe that people know so much about some things that they see or use only 2 or 3 weeks out of a year . Some of these people make me laugh a lot with there comments and everything they know . Make sure you make your reservation for next year if it is not made already , spots are going fast .