Dear customers and Friends

At TBL this week we had great fishing and fair weather . We had some first timers that did very good at walleye fishing this week . We also had many regular customers that did very very good on the walleyes and Lake Trout fishing . The biggest fishs  this week were two Northen Pike at 40 inches long and about 18 1/2 lbs caught and released by Gary  and Roger, ONT,   from cabin 11 . They asked us not to give any more info on them as they are undercover . We had many other customers this week as usual and most did very good on walleyes with the biggest walleyes reported at 24 inches caught by the Mars Gang from Mars, PA,. This new bunch was with us for the first time and caught many many walleyes and released a lot of them as they never keep bigger walleyes . We have more and more  of our customers like that who understand the importance of releasing fish and we do push for that a lot also . We also had Lake Trout and bass caught this week but not in great numbers as everybody concertrated on walleyes . One of our parties this week  did fantastic on one of our remote pike lakes catching more pike then they ever did any other time that they had been to Canada . We are in the process of getting our moose territories ready for this years season . We hope everything is going to be good after the very bad winter we had last year . This coming week is going to be the last week of our fishing season for 2014 as we always end our season around this same weekend . We are thinking of extending our season by one week for our 2015 season and make it a very spécial week . First it would be a walleye , Pike and Bass week only as lake trout are closed at that time of the year . Second it would be a week open just for our regular customers . If we do this extra week there will be spécial things and rates applied to it . Follow us on Face Book , Twitter and our weekly updates this winter to find out more about it .