Dear Customers and friends

walleyeedIn this end of november we are already planning next summer . Many new thing will be at the lodge next year starting with some new equipement and new infrastructure on many of our cabins . We will also have most of the dock done with new material . We are also working on the website to make it faster and easeyer to use . We will have a little less info on it , but most of the important stuff will still be on it . We are keeping our regular and most liked items and + on the new website starting with our News Letter . We do need you to share our website with other people so we get new customers , wich help us keeping the price down on our packages . If there is some thing you would like to see on our new website , let us know and if we can we will have it on . As you all know we have decided to keep our prices the same for the 2013 season , as they have been for the last couple of year . It is hard for us to do this while all of our expence are going up , but we are glad that we can do that for you our customers . On the hunting side we have just got access to a new area for bear hunting starting in 2013 . Many of you are asking about our new lodge , Holden Lake , well it is doing very good and will have new package for 2013 season . We will keep you updated on that in the winter .  Talk to you all soon .