Dear Customers and Friends,

Winter is here and it is a old fashion winter , with a lot of snow and some very very cold weather . All of this is good at this time of the year but I hope winter will be over on january 3rd 2014 . We have all the lakes frozen solide and we can even use our snowmobile on lake Kipawa allready . This year sure have gone by very fast and it seem like they are going by faster and faster every year now . I guest that’s what they call getting holder .  I know it most be going extremely fast for some of you , since some of you have got very old on me in the last 25 years . But I guest I can be glad that I have old friends and a young girl friend . I will be getting ready soon for our show season and I hope to see you in great numbers at all the show we go to . We have made some more renovation this summer and fall at the lodge and we can wait for you to see that next spring . This cold winter and this good blanket of snow should give us another great fishing year at TBL , as everything is more active after this type of winter . We are getting a lot of booking on our family weeks , Bass Contest Week and Northern Pike Contest week so don’t wait if you want to get a chance at those spécial weeks . I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your supporte over the years and to wish  you all Merry Chritmas and Happy New Year .