Dear Customers and Friends

First i want to say that i am sorry for having taken so long between my weekly update but this is hard winter here and i have not had to much time and there was not much going on to write about . Everything and everybody was just frozen . Well now that we are a little more then haft way true our shows and can tell you we will have a good season at TBL again this year . Many of you and many new customers are going to be at the lodge this year . We will be in Hamburg NY soon for our show there and that will live us with one more show in Columbus OH after that . Some very good friends of mine our doing the show in Novi MI this week-end and seem to be doing very well . We do have some opening this coming season yet but if you did not reserve already please dont wait to avoid desapointement . Here at TBL this winter it was cold and very cold and then very very cold . Temparature in the minus 30 celcius were a very comun thing this winter . But since we are very good people we did not get those very bad snow storm like in Bufalo Hen BOB or like in Massachusette Hen Joe . Well we are starting to see some little sing of better weather a head , but we think it is going to be a late spring . i hope somebody run over that Ground Hog soon i think it is all his faute . We will open on may 16 this year as most of you must of seen on our contdown on our website . Again some new thing are waiting for you at the lodge this year with our usual special weeks wich are some of the first weeks to get file up now . Like our familys weeks our Bass countest week and our Great Feast week . We will start working at the lodge soon on a lot of projet that we had for this coming season . We hope that you always notice all of the time effort and money we put back in our lodge , that is one of the way we want to thanks you for being our customers for so long . Many lodge put money in there pocket and put as little as they can in the lodge and call this a rustic place i call this a different word . Anyway we are just like you all are ready for spring and we will be ready for you this season againg . Please stay warm healthy and safe until we all get back to the lodge this summer .