Dear Customers and Friends

A lot of thing have to be done yet at the lodge but we will be ready for the opening . Our crew will start to work on the ground soon and everybody is anxious to start . As i told you some of the work on the cabin will not be done before the season like we plan ( because of the very late spring ) but we will do it as the season goes on . We have never seen a spring that late but now it is going the right way . We will have a lot of new thing this season like we told you and we are exited for you to find out about a lot of them . Like our new packages , new special week , new prize to be won etc …  One of those new and exithing thing at the lodge this season will be the weekly price to be won by one of our customer at the picnic . On that day all of your name will be put in a hat and who ever get drawn will win a picture of me with my best Canadian Toxido . Talk about great souvenir !!! Since we started to talk about this we have had a increase in booking by about 91.5% , so please if you did not reserve yet do so very soon to avoid desapointement . I know i already talk to you about this  new service  at the lodge this coming season , but if you wich to take advantage of this dont wait because they are going fast . We have already resserve those electric troling motor  for at least 50 deferent customers , i think they will be a big hit . With other news i have seen my first bear of the year at our bait shack , i guest it is not only us  getting anxious for the season to start . We also have been seeing two Bald Eagle at and around the lodge in the last weeks i even wacht them accross my cabin on the point 3 or 4 morning in a roll just seating there on those very tall pine tree waiting for breakfast . I guest this mean they are ready for the season and getting cabin fever just like all of us . Now only 34 days to opening day ! See you soon .