Dear Customers and Friends,

The 2016 season is getting very close now . The weather here is getting warmer and warmer every day . We are expecting a early spring this year and that should be good for fishing and hunting . We have a lot of people book for this season just like all of the season in the past . We are very happy to have so many of you back for your yearly trip and naturaly we are also very happy to be able to show our lodge to some new customers . We will have a few new thing at the lodge again this year and one of them beeing very important . For the first time we will be open to fishing all the way to the first of october . Starting on september 10th we will have a system with all of the regular convinience but with electricity at night only . That will allow us to open a lot longer for fishing . We will also have a new package call Cast and Blast wich will consist in a week stay at our lodge where you will be able to fish for many species of fish and hunt small game for a week . This package will be starting on september 17th .  Many of you are already asking about that and some of you are already book for 2016 . We have many other new thing at the lodge for 2016 . Email or call for more info on these package or anything else . We have our two hunting season ( Bear and Moose )  book almost solide . We still have some room for fishing but thing are going fast . So we will be ready for you again this year and we can’t wait to see you all up here in our little paradise call Taggart Bay Lodge .