Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had very good fishing for some and  good for other’s and not so good for a few . Go Figure !!! Walleyes were biting in great numbers for some of our regular customers and good for some new customers , but as usual we got guys that did what they wanted to do and got what they got . it is always funny to see peoplew ho d o what they want and not what we tell them to do and then wonder why they did not do so good . Anyway we did very good with a lot of walleyes caught and a average size on them above avrage . Like a lot of 24 to 26 inches caught and released we also ad eff Walters with a 27 1/2 inches  and Mike Wentzel wit a 27 inches .  We also had very good luck on lake trout fishing with many caught above  24 inches . Pike were also  very good  this week with a 45 inches a 40 inches and a 36 Inches   . Bass are always as crazy as usual with some real monsters caught and released this week . Bear hunting was hard this week with the rut  coming in a good week or two in advance . We have ended the week with 8 bears  kille and 7 missed . This is one of our worst week of bear hunting ever , even if for a lot of camp this would be a good week . Over the years we have always done much better and we will mostlikly finish our season with a 95% killing ration because of the fantastic beginning of season we had . This last week of bear hunting coming up is going to  vouch for that . All together we had a very good week with mainly nice weather and a lot of fun . Most of the guys were very happy of their stay and many left with trophy fish and bear .   We did have a big cow  moose looking in the windows at cabin 10 for great excitement that resulted in a fun video.