Dear Customers,

This week was a very special week.  Special because the big man was not around.  I was by myself with Sylvain.  It was a rainny week I guess the sky was crying because Yves was not around hahaha!!!

Anyway, we had a very good week,  fishing was great, best week ever for Mike and Kathy Eschborn who come every year at the same time for 2 weeks.  They caught and release over 200 walleyes.  Another customer, Pete Riffle, caught 2 monster pikes one was 42” and the other one 41” and they’re back in the lake of course.  On the bass, Mrs Janet Krysalka caught a 20” nice big fat fish on the 27th.  Everybody was very happy about the fishing that’s why 8 groups already reserve there cabin for next year at the same time.

Beside that, we continue working on the cabin.  This week, cabin 2 got a little remodeling, my new desk is in construction and the moose trails are getting ready.

We had this week again a wonderfull picnic.  A crowd of nice people.  Food was delicious and in large amount.  We had it inside, people were friendly so everybody enjoyed the time spend together.  We had a little tought for Tom, we sure miss him.  I want to thank Mr Ron Fautz who took couple minutes to say a little word and thank everybody that was there with all this good food.  That was definitely another good picnic this year.

But, with some small problems at the generator, I will certainly appreciate Yves return on monday!!