Dear Customers and Friends,

The end of our 2018 season is here. Moose hunting is on it’s last week and we are pulling boats out of the water and starting draining all of our cabin . Closing our lodges takes many weeks so we will be here for a while yet but our last customers are leaving camp on this friday. Our 2018 season was fantastic fishing and bear hunting wise. Our moose hunting is not as good as usual but not bad at all if we count all the moose missed or wounded and not found. The final count on the first week was 4 bull and one caft , with the two bull that were missed and the two caft that were past on I consider this a good week. There was also 7 cows seen between all of our hunter on the first week . The final count on the second week was 2 bull and two calf , with one other bull and one other calf missed I think that was a good second week of the hunt considering that we had less hunters on that week. Between all the hunter they also seen 4 cows on the second week. With the weather we had specialy on the first week of the hunt I think we did good and even very good. I have check with our local check station for moose and with the game warden and up to this day the amount of moose reported this year so far is down compare to a regular year. Everybody here agree that the weather was the big factor that made this year moose season a little slower then normal. We are still one of the best spot to do a moose hunt specialy after last winter Survey that showed that our moose population is still going up slowly but GOING UP compare to all other province and state that are going down.

Next year season is the year where we can shoot any moose calf,cow,bull . We already have 7 groups reserve for next year so please do not wait if you want to hunt with us in 2019 reserve as soon as possible because space are going fast.

To all of our customers and friends from all of us at TBL we want to thank you very much for your support all thrue the last 30 years . Many of you have been with us for 10,20 and even 30 years and we are very pround about that and we hope to see you in this first year of our next 30 years with us at TBL.