Dear Customers and Friends,

TBL has just booked their tenth party staying for four weeks in one season next year,  2014  !!!  New Record !!!

This week at TBL we had many people at the lodge and a lot of fun.  As most of the lodges in Québec and Ontario are slowing down so far as numbers customers in camp at this time of the year,  we at TBL had a full camp again this week  with  49 customers at the lodge . The picnic was again a great success with almost everybody participating . This picnic, or get together, really is a thing that everybody likes a lot.  Many customers get to meet other customers and share different tricks and spots for fishing and many other things.  We had many regular customers in camp this week + some new ones.   As usual, it took a little time for the new customers to learn how we catch fish here , but most of them had the hang of it by the end of the week  and told us they would be back next year to polish their techniques . A lot of different fish were caught this week but no major tropies, the biggest one being a pike of 36 inchs caught by one of our  new customers . Walleye Wise, we had many of them caught but the biggest one was 24 inches and that also was caught by a new customer . Lake Trout were caught in great numbers by many different people but all small ones under  24 inches , but still a lot of fun to catch .

We started fixing the road this week after all the rain we had in the last week or two and it is a major job just to fix the road on our land . The municipality here does not have all their roads fixed yet, but everything should be back to normal by next monday . As you saw on our previous update, we will have a lot of new things for you next year.   One being the family weeks in july . These weeks will be from July  12th to 19th and July 19th to 26th,  2014,  and the rate for a family of two adults  and 1 to 3 kids will be  $1095 per familly .  Please note that if you have a family and want to get this chance at  a reduce price,  contact us as soon as possible because these weeks are filling up very fast . The same thing is happening to our mounth of June 2014  where we have only 9 spaces left for the month . I guess we are doing something good !!!  Dont wait`!!!  Contact us as soon as posible .