Dear Customers and Friends

More than half way true march and no sing of spring yet . Tomorrow it will be the 22 and we have 4 to 5 feet of snow on the ground . When all of this snow start to melt it will be a lot of water in all of the lake and river at the same time . Here we are getting ready for another great year at TBL and our other lodges . We may have to wait to do a few of the job we usualy do in the spring and even some job that we wanted to do before the opening . Our shows season is over , and as usual we did good in getting new and regular customers to the lodge for another year  . We still have some good weeks where we have opening so hurry if you did not book already for the 2014 season . We will have many new packages for you next year , some for fishing some hunting and even some brand new package that we have never offerded at TBL before . Make sure you ask about them and maybe it will be something you would like to do in 2015 . Our family weeks and a few other special weeks are going so well that we are going to have them again next year for sure . One of the new thing for the 2014 season is our troling motor that we will have for rent . Already a lot are reserve for this year so make sure you email or call to reserve them if you want one on your boat . We have a few cabin left on our family week wich are at very good price ( 1095$ ) for a family 2 adults and 2 or 3 kids ( ask for detail ) . Keep sending your comment and idea by email it help us to make our place even better for you . See you all soon .