Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of nice fish caught and many bears killed also . Many of our customers were very happy with what they got size wise and number wise . Many walleyes over 20 inches were caught all week and some lake trout and pike were also caught in good numbers. Bear hunting was very good as usual with 13 bears killed on 16 hunters . Two of the hunters that did not get a bear had shot and wouded bears in the week . So as usual we did very good and everybody was very happy at the lodge this week . The biggest fish last week was a 32 1/2 inch walleye caught by Bob Applegarthe  but we also had many other walleyes like the 28 incher of John Wilson . The weather was nice most of the week but the bugs this year are a little more aggressive then usual that is most likely because of the very late spring we had this year . The picnic was great this week with the regular Pot-luck but we also had Ed Hundzienski cook his famous turkey on the spit and they were fantastic as usual . Our new service at the lodge wich is trolling motor rental is going great as customers not only like this for the great advantage it is for catching more fish but also for the quiteness of theese little motor . Make sure to ask about it . One customer this week told me that some of his best memories  are here at TBL  and that he will continue to visit us as long as he can . That sure made me feel very good and when I stop and think about this we do have over the years,  had many good times with our customers which some we are very good friends with now.  I hope that we will have many more years of this and I hope many of you will be here with us for many more years .