Dear customers and friends,

Plenty going on at TBL recently, we’re getting everything ready for this year, our first customers are coming in next friday-saturday and we can’t wait for it to start. We’re already seeing lots of action on our hunting spots and the temperature as been wonderful in the last week, the water is warming up, which will surely help on the fishing side. Since lake trout fishing is already opened we took some time to give it a try and we’ll be enjoying our first fish of the year tonight. That short ”fishing trip” gave us time to enjoy the new upgraded boats with back rest seats and electric motors, don’t forget to contact us to reserve one of those. TBL would also like to congratulate Monica E. Dyer for winning the ”Guess when the ice will be off the bay” contest.  To anyone that’s coming to the camp this summer, keep an eye open on the dirt road to Taggard Bay, we’ve got lots of moose on the road this year, so make sure you don’t miss or run into them. We’ve got another big year coming up at Taggart Bay Lodge, we hope to see you at one point during the season, we got some great fishing, hunting and memories ready for everyone.

Thanks, Yves