Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a great week with a lot of customers and a lot of good meals . This week was our spécial week made  to tanks all of our customers by cooking 3 dinners for them  . Many of our regular were here for the occation and we had a lot of fun every night . We have cook different thing like Turkey on the spit , Spaghetti and finaly the last night we add a little fish fry , the first one in about 8 or 9 years . Lise cook the fish and it was great everybody love it . Naturaly my turkey on the spit came close second and on both occation i did french fries in a big frying pan and people just cant get anought of this . Many of our customers came with a lot of food , so as usual there was a lot of food and a lot of fun at all of our picnic . Fishing weise we did ok as many of our regular did not fish to much with this week being a little spécial . Their was some very good catch done here and there but no record were broken . We have to thanks Greg and Annette for the fish at our little fish fry . We have also work a little this week . Me and Syl clean our moose trail and took care of a few thing that needed to be done since i was away last week and we had got a little beeind on a few thing . The fall is mooving in slowly and  the walleyes are going deeper and the trout coming in shallower water . Some of our customer seen a few moose on the road to camp and on shore of the main lake . i guess that the moose are also feeling the fall mooving in and i think they are ready for it . The color are changing gradualy and in a few weeks they will be at there best . As the fishing season wind down for us we are already thinking of the next and we know you are also . Our 2016 season already look like it is going to be just as good as our 2015 season , so don’t wait to reserve your spot for next year . it was a great year for us again this year with a lot of fun and some great memories . We know how lucky we are to have the opportunity to work here with all of you and we cant wait to see you .

P.S. Please post all of your photos on Face Book for us we are very happy to see them and everybody like seeing them also .