Dear Customers and Friends

The last two weeks at TBL it rained and then it rained again.  We had about 10 days out of 14 where it was raining.  I want to appologise for not doing my weekly update last week.  Our weeks are going so fast and we have so much work started at the lodge that I am runing out of time. So I am going to try to go over very fast what happened during the first week. First fishing was good for some of our customers but a little harder for others. We did have some regular customers that did very good at bass and walleyes but not at pike and lake trout.  Some of our most famous customers were with us for their first week in august out of two.  Note that it is their second trip of two weeks at the lodge this year as they were already with us in june.  Bob and Philys are well known and liked here at TBL by a lot of you.  They do come 4 times a year and make a lot a friends everytime.  I showed them all they know about fishing and that’s why they are so good at it.  We are very lucky  to have good people like them here, just like many other customers of ours. Most of them say they love this place more than any other and we are very happy to hear that. Good friends, some fish, some sunshine, very nice and easy water front cottages to get to and all of this on one of the best lake in Canada, what else do you need to have a great week of vacation.

This past week we had again many regular customers and some new ones as well.  Some of our new customers rebooked already as they left and I know it is not for the fishing being so good this week.  But most of them told us like many of you, fishing is far from being the only reason they come here.  Fishing was a little slow this past week, but then like some old wise man told me : maybe if they could’ve gone out a little more maybe they would’ve done better.  Rain got in the way of many of our customers that did not want to fish in the rain and thunder.  A very funny thing happened last weekend and again this weekend and that is why I am going to say something about it for the first time.  I had people come from other lodges to ask about our lodge and our prices.  I found out that some other outfitters were saying not too nice of things about our lodge and really makes me sad.  Not only they cant be as busy as us, but they have to try to put us down.  Wow !!! Well I will keep on doing what I have been doing since I started in this business for 30 years, which is sell what I have and let the others do what they want without talking about anybody else .

The only thing I have to say is that in life you get what you pay for and you have to compare apples with apples.

We are in a very busy time at the lodge with some renovations going on and our preparations for hunting season starting very soon.  Still 4 very busy weeks with fishing customers coming and then the moose hunt will be very close.  We also want to start some new bear sites for 2018 now, that way they will be ready to go in the spring.  Some major new stuff for bear hunting is waiting for us in the 2018 spring season, we will let you know more about this soon.  If you did not reserve your bear hunt for 2018 or 2019 please do not wait because they are going fast and will go even faster soon.