Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had our share of rain and our share of thunder and lightning . We had so much rain that a lot of the road got washed away and we had to bail our boats out 3 times a day and even then some of them almost sank before we could get to them . That was more rain then I had ever seen since I have been here . So dont be surprised if you see me working on a very large boat next time you come to the lodge . I will be called “Noah From TBL “ from now on . Fishing was a little slow in the beginning of the week but improved like crazy by the end of the week . Many wallyes were caught in a lot of different spots by all of our customers . They started by getting many small fish and then a lot of 20 to 24 inchers  were caught . As announced last week on our weekly update here is something to help everybody  lower the cost of your trip at TBL . From now on anybody that refers or brings   new customers ( that never been at TBL ) to our lodge will get a percentage off on their own trip at the our lodge  . If you want more info on that please call or email for more info , you could save  10% – 20%  up to 40% off  your own trip at TBL . This summer so far we have had many of you  take advantage of our last minute deals on our website  this year.   To make sure you are not missing somehing , please keep checking our website  for new updates and last minute deals.  August is here already with only 5 weeks to go in our very busy season.   Many of you have made your reservations for the 2014 and 2015 seasons . This is the most réservations  we ever had at this time of the year for the following  year .  I guess we are doing something good . Please dont wait to reserve your spot for 2014 to avoid disappointment .