Dear customers and friends

The second week is already done . Already the season is well on its way and this week the weather really got better . The hunting was very good this week with 13 bears kill out of 15 hunters and 100% opportunities . On top of our very good results we also had  6 shots taken that drew blood and we couldn’t find the bears , so yes some of our customers had more than one chance to get their bear . At TBL we give a second chance to the guys that missed a first time , second missed your hunt is over . Fishing wise we had guys that did very good walleye fishing because they did what they were told to do where they were told to do it and how they were told to do it . Some new customers prefered to do there thing and got some fish but not many compared with our older customers . We did get a lot of fish all together  , The biggest walleye this week was caught by Linda Miller with a 30 inches caught and release on may 26  and the second biggest by Dannie Mast with a 29 1/4 inches . The biggest pike of the week was a 45 inches northern caught by Mark Kisic, too bad the pike fishing contest was over.  The biggest lake trout this week was 27 inches , caught by Linda Miller . Many Small mouth were caught and released as the fishermen were trying to get some walleyes in the bay.  So all together the fishing was great for most of our fishermen . I guess that our 2014 season is going to be just as good as the last few  and maybe even better . Cant wait for this coming week .