Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL strange things happened !!! First we had people fishing with beer cans as lure and they were not catching much . Second thing ,we had a lot of stuff disapear from a dock and nobody knew anything about it.  Finaly fishing rods were cut off by weird fishs we had on the lake this week . It is weird what can happen some times. Beside that we did good at fishing and  some even did very very  good as  three or four of our cabin said that was their best week ever up here . But for some other it was not as good . What  new? It is sad that people don’t ask me more about fishing or just dont do more of what we tell them .  We had 4 cabin that did very good , two cabin did very good on Bass , one did very  very good on Walleyes , and one cabin did very very good on Lake Trout . Beside that we had first time customer that caught a 30 inches walleyes on their first hour on the lake. We had 4 walleyes over 30 inches caught and released this week only . We also had many customers catching many big Walleyes , Bass , Lake Trout again this week . The catch and release is really paying off on this lake thanks to the people that do a lot of it. Talking about that I heard that one of our outfitters on the lake is really working hard to sell, or should I say to give ressources away on this lake. I was shocked to hear that an outfitter on Lake Kipawa  strongly recommends to is customers to keep many fish , to heat many fish , to bring many fish home , in other words to kill a lot of fish that are good for reproduction on the lake . For ourselves we push a lot on catch and release at TBL and strongly recommend to all of our fisherman to release as many fish as possible and especially the good spawners . We are lucky that our lake produces so many fish and that they grow so fast here in Kipawa Lake . Because of that and because of many people are doing catch and release our lake is still one of the best in Quebec . We are not here just to get money  and then get out of this area, we live here, we spend our money here, we create job here, we love this Lake and this part of the world  . A lot of you ask why I dont write comments on other sites about Lake Kipawa . The reasons are simples,Ii don’t have much time to do it or follow these sites, and I dont need it .  I just like to keep my customers informed about the lodge and like to talk back and fort with them, since many of you email me back about some of my comments on our weekly update. I understand that some new outfitters on the lake need it to try to steal customers from older outfitters like us and others. I also understand that it is a cheap way to get customers but, I will leave this to the new guys in town. I guess some people are ready to do and say anything to try to elevate themselves and put others down. I think that the people that run these sites do a very good job and they dont need outfitters on their site  that are just trying to sell something .

But besides that our week as gone well with a lot of regular customers in camp with 12 cabins out of 14 filed with regular customers . Fishing was good for most part and the size of fish keeps on beeing way over average. I am particularly happy to see the quality of fishing going up year after year and I am proud that TBL and our customers play a very big role in this  . Hope your are all well and safe .