Dear Customers and Friends

At TBL this week we went from spring to summer with bad weather the first 4 days and very nice at the end of the week. Fishing really got good at the end of the week with guys doing their best night on friday night. Many walleyes were caught a few pike and a few lake trout. Most of the very good catches were done on the last few days. A lot of different customers told us that they are catching a lot of very nice size walleyes with the biggest one reported this week at 29 inches. That slot on walleyes is already showing a big improvement in the walleyes size and numbers, imagine in another 2 or 3 years. Hunting wise we did very good again specialy with the weather we had. Four days of wind and rain did not make our task easy but me and my guides did everything we had to do for our hunters to be successful and they were. 17 bears killed out of 21 hunters even with that type of weather is a fantastic result. With the two new guides and the two new huge territories we got we are able now to take around 20 hunters a week and still do very good. We even bought a new camp in a new area in Québec forest where we did a little of hunting this year and where we planning to do a lot more baits next year. Don’t miss your chance at getting one of the trophy bear we predict to kill in this new area in the future years. Don’t get me wrong we do have big bears everywhere, this year so far the two bigesst bears killed were killed at 7 milles and 15 milles from camp one was 300lbs and one was 350lbs . Many big bear are killed at TBL every year because of the way we hunt. We still do not hunt our areas too hard, we prefer spreading our hunts on much bigger territory, adding new ones every year and killing just a few bears per area.That the way you get a lot of bears and some very nice ones all the time.

This third week was good and went past very fast ,I think everything goes to fast now. Take time to slow down and come and see us at TBL for a week in paradise.