Dear Customers and Friends

The 2017 season as ended with our moose hunt coming to an end. The 2017 season was not the best so far as our moose hunting, but I guess it will give us a better 2018 season. We wish we could do something but when moose don’t move they don’t move. The most frustrating part for us was when we went to some of our spot after the hunt to put our equipement away we found 3 different area where the moose were packed up and moving a lot .Those spots were hunted by some of our customers the last week and nothing was seen. I know, hard to beleive but that how it goes some time.

Our fishing season was like other season some very good weeks and some not so good. I know most outfitters don’t say it like it is, but I like to keep everything simple and strait. Our lake is a great lake where fishing is fantastic lots of time but like all the lakes not good all the time. One thing is sure at TBL we have always good equipement, good cabins , good advices and good service; you can count on that. Another thing that we have had a lot this year is great time and fun with many of you. We made a lot of different guys very happy about their first bear with us, many different people happy about their monster pike, walleyes or bass. We even got some guys very happy about the moose they got with us on the first week of the hunt.

We still are making a lots of changes and work at the camp for the 2018 season and we will let you know about them at a show or in some of our weekly update coming in 2018. We know that most of you really appreciate the fact that we put a lot of money and effort back into our lodge. A lot of lodge or other type of business do not put to much back in their lodging and equipement , but we think it is very important . Many of these change and renovation are sure to make you happy for choosing TBL every year for your stay on Kipawa Lake. If you never stayed with us and want to try one of the finest outfitters Quebec give us a call or email as soon as you can. You will soon realize why we have so many regular customers and people that have been coming every summer for the last 20 years.

Call us and book your trip as soon as possible to make sure we still have the week that you want .