Dear Customers and Friends,

The end of another season is already here.   We had a fantastic season again this year with some up and some down.   Naturally our worse news for this years as been the lost of our great friend Tom.  But we had also some very good time with a lot of you . Fishing in general was very good with about 12 to 14  weeks of fantastic fishing.  The early part of the season was not the best but as soon as the water warm up we did very very good.   Some of the later and warmer days in the summer were a little harder fishing also but we did so good in general that we can not do anything else then say this was a great season.  Not only did we do good on number of fish but the size do not stop getting bigger every year.   We have already 7 different weeks  book solid for the 2016 fishing season and we did not even make it to january which is the month where we rebook the most customers.   Our bear hunting was as successful as always and we are almost full for the next season already.   Many trophies were taken this years again at both of our Lodge.  We are doing so good at bear hunting that we now book people 2 and 3 years in advance . Finally we went true our gun moose hunt in the last two weeks and we did very very good at that to.   We did about 60% killing ratio on the first week with 6 moose kill and one wounded .  We had enough tag to kill 12 moose so this is a excellent ratio for moose . On top of that 2 other moose were shoot at and not hit + 3 other moose were just past on . The second week was also good in the seeing and shoothing part but not just so good with the retrieving part . Three moose were kill , two moose were wounded . Also one moose was shot at and missed and another one past on . All together making it one of our good year.  Bow season was good also with one moose kill on the posibility of two . Even the guy that did not get a moose at bow season came very close with one moose at 50 feet from him and another 4 moose that he saw with in 200 feet on his 6 days hunt,  We will go true a few change in regulation in the next few years so far as fishing is concern.    All of these small change in regulation will be made to continue getting fishing better and better for all of us.   We have seen the great result we had in the last 10 years and we cant wait for the years to come.  Hunting wise it look like they want be any change for a few years .

Well I guess it is time for me to tank all of you that have been with us at TBL in 2015 and other years and we will make sure we keep on improving our lodge for you in the futur years.   Please note that most of our package ( but the moose package ) will be the same for 2016 with all that we provide as usual  and all of this at the same price as 2015.   Again in my name and all of the TBL staff we want to thank you very much for all of your support over the years and we wishes you a good winter and hope to see you all in 2016.   Note that the weekly update are not going to be as regular from now on as they are in the fishing and hunting season .