Dear customers and friends

We have been busy at the lodge with the painting of all the cabins and the preparation of moose season . We have now finish the painting of all  the cabins we only have the trimming to do . We will have a new look for 2013 wich will be our 25 years at the lodge . We have owned many other lodge over the years but TBL will always be the one . Beeing on such a big and fantastic lake and beeing still in such a great serouding make it easy to love this place of our . No where else can you get to a natural lake that big , so easy , and find that lake still intact . We have so many good friends and good costomers that have been with us for so long that there is no way we could leave this place . For those that want to know how was my first time at bow hunting for more then 24 years  , I have this to say , lost of fun great memory but no luck . Only a few days before the gun season for moose and everybody is getting excited . We are planing some change for the futur years so far as moose season is concerne.  We will keep you updated on that and on how this season went . So far as our fishing season this year it was good over all , not the best ever but a lot of very nice fish were caught and many very good fish fry were done by our customers . But this week we had Gerry Smith, yes Gerry Smith and is party at the out post like he as been for the last 24 years . Gerry and is friends said that they had their best week of fishing since the early 90 and that mean a lot because they always do good . Some of the catch of the week were many many walleyes ( a lot in the 18 to 24 inches range ) about a dozen pike one of 42 inches and one of 44 inches and a lot a small mought bass , that all look like foot ball as they were so fat . I guest that the fish are still in great number and it look good for next year again .  Looking at our coming season we have a lot of idea for the 25 year celebration and we will keep you updated on that to .  I would like to say thank you to all of the regular and new customers that were with us in 2012 and made this season a very good one again . I know that 2013 will be even better yet just looking at our booking all ready for next summer . Please let me thank you all again for this year and futur years with us at TBL . TBL is a safe ,easy , affordable and fun place to go to . If you been there you know and if not , you got to try it .